As a company, Green Pack Foils Pvt. Ltd. believes and understands that there are innumerable critical factors that are instrumental in achieving and maintaining success.

To achieve consistent quality and conformity in products, factors like infrastructure, work environment, associated utilities and competency of employees play a very vital role. The right balance between technology and human interaction of the mind to use the technology efficiently is very significant.

The Company believes that hygiene plays a chief role in evaluating quality effectiveness of a product, especially when it is used as Primary Packaging Material (PPM) for medicinal products. The working environment and conditions can have adverse effects on Primary Packaging Material quality. This main belief has led the Company's factory set up to be designed such that the highest international standards of hygiene are met. The entire shop floor has been provided with AHU for clean air. The requirements for health, cleanliness, clothing and access control of personnel have been met with.

Currently, the plant operates with the following types of machinery:

  • Heat & Press Lamination
  • Heat Seal Coating
  • Wet Lamination
  • Dry Bond Lamination
  • Roto Gravure Printing
  • Slitting

A separate storage facility has been provided for printing cylinders with computer aided identification system, to ensure easy identification and take proper care of the client property.