While constructing / manufacturing packaging materials, Green Pack Foils Pvt. Ltd. works with a variety of foils and films to cater to the varying coustomer needs and industries. These include hard, soft and light gauge aluminium foil, LDPE films, PET films, metalized PET films, paper, duplex board, inks, wax and resins. All these substrates conform to statutory and regulatory requirements which are applicable to the end products.

The classification of various products manufactured by Green Pack Foils Pvt. Ltd. is quite vast since the Company caters to a wide variety of industries ranging from Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Dairy, Confectionary, Personal Care and FMCG.

All the specifications used in Pharmaceutical applications not only include active DMF file numbers but are also tested and verified for overall migration and microbiological properties from well known laboratories of international repute.

Pharmaceutical Blister Pack Lidding Foil

(US FDA DMF #23471)

The Pharmaceutical Blister Pack Lidding Foil is used as a lid foil in blister packs for hygienic packaging of pharmaceutical preparations such as tablets, pills, capsules and medical devices. This method of packaging ensures that pharmaceutical products meet the required shelf life standard and provide sufficient protection from external influences. Blister lidding foil is sealable to different blister pack substrates such as PVC, PVdC, PET, PP and COLD FORMING Laminate.

Pharmaceutical Strip Foil

(US FDA DMF #23470)

The Pharmaceutical Strip Foil is used to pack pharmaceutical products like tablets, pills, capsules, effervescent tablets and powders which are sensitive to moisture, oxygen and light. The laminate is also used to pack medical devices. Strip packs are a convenient packaging solution that allows patients to carry dosages as per the prescription without compromising with safety of the product and its recognition.

Child resistant Blister Pack Lidding Foil

(US FDA DMF #25077)

A Child resistant Blister Pack Lidding Foil is a package which is difficult for young children to open or gaining access to the contents but is not for adults to use properly. The child resistant blister pack has two components namely a base material and lid material. The base material is usually made up of PVC, PET, PP or Cold forming blister laminate whereas the lid material is a laminate having aluminium foil as one of the substrates. The child resistant blister lid foil should provide safety, security and convenience in preventing children from gaining access to the medications.

PET-Foil-Poly Laminates and Pouches

(US FDA DMF #27449)

Lightweight and adaptable, flexible laminates are competing favorably with other packing materials such as glass and plastic bottles, metal and composite cans and paperboard boxes. New developments are also increasing for products traditionally packaged in flexible materials. Laminates, when used as a packaging material provide protection to the product during transit, display and consumer storage from shelf loss due to bacterial contamination and physical injury.

Lidding Foil

The Lidding Foil is used as a lid on plastic cups and containers which not only provides perfect closure to the cup but makes it pilfer proof and provides protection from external influences. The low permeation properties of the foil to water vapor and oxygen ensures the required shelf life. The heat seal lacquer used in lidding foil can be made sealable to different cup/jar substrates such as PET, PP, PS, HDPE and PVC. Lidding foil with a universal coating which can seal with multiple substrates is also available.

Cold Forming Blister Foil

COLD FORMING BLISTER FOIL is one product dedicated to pharmaceutical industry manufactured by sandwiching aluminum foil between nylon (oPA) and PVC films using dry bond lamination technology. As blisters are formed in this Nylon / Foil / PVC film laminate by pressing laminate into a mould by a stamp without applying heat, the material is called cold forming blister laminate. The laminate offers a near complete barrier for water and oxygen thereby allowing an extended product expiry date due to higher thickness of the foil present in the laminate. The PVC film in alu-alu laminate is commonly used as the contact layer and seal to layer on pharmaceutical blister (as neutral layer for the goods to be filled). PVC is very stiff and does not tend to shrink or spring during cold forming. Once the cold forming process is complete, the PVC helps the cavity hold its shape. In short it ensures the geometric stability after cold forming. The nylon (oPA) film is mainly responsible for the multi-axial forming. Laminating the aluminum with the oPA film doubles the formability of the foil.

Suppository Foil

Aluminium suppository packaging offers the highest possible protection against moisture, oxygen and light as well as an easy opening feature with a peel able system. The aluminium suppository package takes the shape of individual doses. It is high barrier material for long shelf life and having properties of deformable and cold forming material without cracking. It is opening able by tearing or by peeling.